Nature artist illustrator 

Tsun-Ying Hsu (ty.HSU)

“Animals have changed my definition of life, or rather, my outlook on life.

I have gained much more respect and empathy for all living creatures. Through my art, through echoing the beauty and serenity of animals, I wish to bring light, love, and more strength for all living beings.

     With my work I also contribute to good animal causes, as they greatly deserve and need our help.

I graduated from Art- Talent Class and Visual Communication  Design department

Furthermore, I have gained a vast experience in brand and design through working with a Brand and Corporate Identity Design company and within the London fashion sector.“


/ Solo Exhibitions

2015 Project of stray cats

2016 Art for a reason- series In my eyes

2016 Art for a reason- series Love is 

2018 Handmade Korea -paper leaves

2018 Posture- flower

2019 In an hidden land

/Selected Group Shows

2017 Daily Calling2.0- series of Equality

2017 Grow Love charity exhibition


London, United Kingdom

Penghu, Taiwan


Mon-Fri  1pm - 5 pm TW